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I'm a Leadership Consultant.

As an experienced HR leader, in both corporate and startup environments, I focus on designing and implementing strategic HR initiatives and training programs for employees and leaders at all levels.
My superpower and passion lie in helping people and teams grow, and finding the most suitable ways for them to do so.

I firmly believe in tailor-made solutions for organizations’ growth needs, and I spent the past few years studying various methodologies for creating professional change. 

My Services

The best leaders I've ever worked with never stop evolving their skills. They don't simply copy-paste past successes; instead, they step out of their comfort zone and continually ask questions.

Change can definitely be challenging, yet it's often the catalyst for growth and success.

In my pursuit of finding the most effective ways to support change and learning processes, I've explored various evidence-based methodologies. These methods, such as Stakeholder Centered Coaching, Immunity to Change™, and Practical CBT, are incorporated into my workshops and one-on-one sessions.


Additionally, the group settings  are designed to empower individuals to master essential leadership skills through an innovative blend of digital app-based learning, interactive peer group sessions, and other proven methodologies tailored to drive personalized growth and skill mastery.

One on one.


  • One-on-one executive and management coaching for specific leadership behaviors.

  • One-on-one manager training: for new managers or those new to managing managers.

  • Leadership trainings  (including topics such as feedback, motivation, social curiosity, delegation, and collaboration)

  • Interviewing skills

  • Performance management.

"The purpose of learning isn't to affirm our beliefs; it's to evolve our beliefs."
- Adam M. Grant
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